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Vietnam car hire services

The price is applied from April to September, for other months 15% more is added.

Contact us for Vietnam car hire service.

Km rate Route rate Road information

Vietnam’s road system includes: national roads administered by the central level; provincial roads managed by the provincial level, district roads managed by the district level, urban roads managed by cities and towns: and commune roads managed by the commune level. The total length of the Vietnam road system is about 222,179 km with 19.0 % paved, mainly national roads and provincial roads. The national road system length is 17,295 km with 83.5% of its length paved. The provincial road system is 27,762 km of length with 53.6% paved.

Expressway is rather a new concept for Vietnamese, traffic is growing rapidly but the major roads are dangerous due to inappropriate design and an inappropriate traffic mix. Expressways would solve these problems along the key corridors, by separating high speed traffic from slower, local traffic.

Vietnam currently recognizes two classes of expressway. Both have a minimum of two lanes in each direction, but Class A has grade separated interchanges, while Class B has at-grade intersections. There are 4 design-speed categories: 60, 80, 100 and 120 Km/h. Generally all cars, buses and trucks are permitted on the expressway but motorcycles of less than 70cm³ engine capacity are not.

Road finance comes from a number of sources including the government, overseas donors such as the ADB, WB, JBIC and business organizations. Road investment recovery is mainly through tolls collected on bridges and roads, in accordance with laws mentioned above.

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